Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


How long does it take you to tiedye a balloon?

Anywhere from 6 months, for Gloria (including assembly), to 1 month for Lucy, without assembly.


How much does it cost to tiedye a balloon?

It depends on the pattern and the volume. For as little as $1500, we can tiedye a new parachute top for your balloon. A simple row of spirals around the mouth will cost about $4000, while a row of spirals around the equator costs about $8000. A fully spiraled pattern like Gloria will cost about $20,000, while the most complicated pattern, Spiralee, is even more. These prices reflect just the art and do not include the manufacturers cost.


Who makes your balloons? 

While Jonathan Wolfe sewed the first two SkyDyes balloons, HaleLucinations was assembled by Aerostar International, and Lucy was built by Lindstrand USA. We will gladly work with the manufacturer of your choice to create the perfect custom artwork for you. 


Are SkyDyes balloons Experimental or Commercial?

The first two balloons, Julia and Gloria, are homebuilts and are certified by the FAA as Experimental. The subsequent two balloons are both FAA type-certified Commercial balloons. Both Aerostar and Lindstrand Balloons have conducted extensive fabric testing, including accelerated UV exposure, to determine that our dyeing process does not comprise their fabric’s integrity in any way, and have approved the dyed fabric for inclusion in their balloons.


Where can I see your balloons flying?

Julia, Gloria and HaleLucinations all live in Albuquerque NM and they fly at several rallies in the southwest. Lucy lives in Massachussetts, and flies in many east coast rallies. Occasionally we’ll travel farther from home, and once Gloria even flew at the World Balloon Championships in Chatellerault, France. 


Do you sell balloon rides?

No. We sell balloons; we give away balloon rides.* How do you get a balloon ride? By crewing with us! Please Contact Us if you’re interested in crewing. Someday we hope to create a giant SkyDyes ride balloon for one of the balloon ride companies so people will be able to hire balloon rides in an art balloon. 

*Actually, we sell art. Technically, SkyDyes is a subcontractor to the balloon company, who is the manufacturer of record.